Application Development Service

A superior managed solution for turning application development into a competitive advantage.

Application development is increasingly seen as too slow and unpredictable to meet the needs of modern business.

ENCINC's Application Development Service (ADS) is a next-generation managed service approach to application development built upon a consolidated global development framework underpinned by a new customer engagement model.

ADS is a superior managed solution for turning application development into a competitive advantage. Designed to improve business agility and increase the value of your technology investments, it also uses outcome-based pricing to optimize application development costs and make budgeting easier and more predictable.

ADS taps into ENCINC's global network of highly skilled professionals to deliver the right skills, at the right time, in the right location, at the right price. Our offshore talent is fully experienced in multiple disciplines, industries and technologies. From vision to implementation, count on your partnership with ENCINC to enable your success with secure, high quality solutions delivered when and where needed.

Improve Business Agility

  • Exploit market opportunities and realize business benefits sooner with rapid and parallel solution development that balances quality, cost and security
  • Align application development efforts with business and IT objectives and priorities to accelerate business change
  • Quickly meet regulatory requirements with documented, repeatable practices and flexible applications
  • Gain flexibility with a ready supply of global and local talent with proven industry and technical expertise

Application Development Service

In contrast to traditional staff augmentation-based engagements, ADS is built around an enduring client partnership that delivers greater business value and lowers the total cost of application ownership as the relationship matures:

Application Development Service Partnership Roadmap

ENCINC's Application Development Service responds to the following market trends:

  • Application Transformation
  • Agile Development
  • Managed Services
  • Global Delivery
  • Budget Pressures
  • Risk Transfer
  • Leveraged Development Assets
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Green IT

To see how ENCINC can help you to transform your application development, please contact us.